Interview G4KLX aan DMR-FRANCE DR@F (deel 2)

In navolging van deel 1 met het interview dat DMR France met Jonathan, G4KLX heeft gehouden publiceren we vandaag het tweede en laatste deel.

DMR-FRANCE : What is your vision for the future of DV now ?

G4KLX : I have no grand vision of the future of DV. What I do not like is that each manufacturer wants to create their own closed system, Icom tried it, and Yaesu are trying it now. The RF side is one thing, the rules disallowing encryption on the amateur bands means that specifications must be open, however the networking side is not so fortunate.

It is interesting that most of the closed systems are created and supported by non-technical people, while the open (and more powerful) systems are done by technical people. I think that is a metaphor for life in general! With D-Star the « official » closed G2 system has become an irrelevance, and on DMR the MARC system is going to go the same way, System Fusion is even more draconian with the serial number of the hardware being used on their network for authorisation. This is unfortunate. Most manufacturers make much more money from their mobiles and hand held radios than their repeaters so why make a system closed?

I am very happy that the DMR-Plus network interoperates with the D-Star DCS and CCS systems and I hope that their will be interoperability between the other digital voice networks also. I think we have enough to go on with the current four systems, any more fragmentation will not be good for our side of the hobby.

DMR-FRANCE : Thanks Jonathan. We have been able to see the first statement of your next MultiMode DV Modem witch will obviously be something around the Teensy 😉 See your work here : @g4klx

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