Verbeteringen uitgevoerd aan het DMR-MARC netwerk

DMR MarcOn March 26th, DMR-MARC announced that it had completely transformed its North American DMR-MARC network by implementing two redundant core servers – one on the US East coast and the other on US West coast, which will allow all North American DMR-MARC member organizations to connect to its global, regional and language-specific talkgroups. In addition, DMR-MARC partners networks in Europe have also implemented a similar system with CORE servers of their own, located in Germany and the United Kingdom. This network update is important as it will improve the overall reliability and performance of the global DMR-MARC network.

“I’m pleased to report that nearly all of the North American DMR-MARC member c-Bridges are now connected to the CORE servers” said Tim Barrett, K6BIV, one of the DMR-MARC network administrators. “The only change you might note is that the North American talkgroup (TG 3) no longer has any connections outside the continent. Worldwide English (TG 13), is made available globally to reach any English speaking member.” further added Tim.

In addition to the network updates, DMR-MARC also announced the addition of two new User Activated (UA) talkgroups – UA English 1 and UA English 2, similar to the existing TAC 310 network launched by the DCI network in March 2014. UA English 1 uses the talkgroup ID 113 and UA English 2 uses talkgroup ID 123. As their name implies, both talkgroups are intended for English language traffic only, however additional UA talkgroups have been created for other languages, including German, Spanish and French and will be made available as required.

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