Intro to DMR on HamRadioNow

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DMR, Digital Mobile Radio (aka MotoTRBO), keeps getting more popular on VHF/UHF Amateur Radio. Yes, it’s incompatible with other digital voice modes, and yes, hams are pratically forming armed camps to defend their choice of DV mode (D-STAR, DMR, P-25 and now Yaesu System Fusion). But if you have to make a choice, you can at least make an informed choice. Or you can be like the guys I know in Charlotte and get one of everything.

In this forum from the Hamvention, John Burningham W2XAB lays out the details of DMR without making it sound like a sales pitch. Except maybe a little around the edges where he says he dumped all his D-STAR gear a while back. He won’t hold your hand all the way through programming a radio, but he will bring you up to just about that point.

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