CS7000 nog geen VaporWare

DMR-DSTAR-Radio-CS7000De CS7000, de wonder portofoon van Connect System is nog niet opgegeven. Dat beweerd Jerry Wanger KK6LFS. Hij ontwikkelt nog steeds door aan deze portofoon die zowel DStar, DMR als System Fusion moet ondersteunen. De ontwikkeling had al maanden geleden moeten worden omgezet in de uitlevering aan de mensen die hadden ingeschreven op de aankoop van deze porto. Jerry Wanger schrijft hier het volgende over.

To do the CS7000 I need some things that has to happen sequentially. If the earlier part is not finished then I cannot go on to the next step.
The first part is the hardware. Without the hardware I cannot test the firmware. Depending on the hardware, the firmware might have to change.
I came up with a hardware design over a year ago, soon after the CS7000 was announced. This was based on certain assumptions. One of the assumptions was the speaker microphone design in the CS700/CS750 could be used in the CS7000.
The manufacturer of the CS700 told me my assumption was wrong and could not be done. I did not believe him! However since that time in another context he said it could be done. I am developing the software that will need the same audio processing as the CS7000 and I should have an answer in less than 30 days if it works.
If the audio processing does not work, then I have to redesign the audio section which might be an issue because of my space constraints.
If it works then I can go on to the second phase of the project and that is build a prototype of the radio.
After the prototype of the radio I can then get serious in developing the firmware for the DSTAR portion of the CS7000. Once I finished getting the DSTAR part working, I then go back to the manufacturer and have him integrate the two formats.
After we get a working radio, we then start building production radios unless the hardware was not perfect and then we might have to do multiple versions of the prototypes.
Jerry Wanger KK6LFS

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