Wordt het BrandMeister of BrandMeister

brandmeisterNu de ontwikkeling van DMR+ lijkt te zijn stopgezet en er alleen nog gereageerd wordt op bugs in het systeem is de DMR wereld zich aan het beraden. Uit onderstaande post blijkt van DMRX Experimentation and Discovery haar achterban aan het informeren is over BrandMeister.

Dear Users/SysOps,

It has been a struggle for the past year, trying to get the Germans onboard with us here on the State side.  We’ve been unable to have any input with the software.  Nothing has been open source.

While the DMR + and other associated products have been essential in the building blocks of our network, it is with the realization that the Brandmeister has far surpassed what we have accomplished within our own network.
As of today, I have been notified by the good folks at PI1SPA (VERON Amersfoort) that Hans and Torston will no longer be working on the Hytera Project DMR+ and will only facilitate bugs when necessary.
This leaves us with only 3 choices.
1. We continue using the network and hope to continue to grow it and hopefully nothing breaks.
2. We move quickly to the Brandmeister Network.
3. We break out our old software and try and develop our own Network again.

My personal opinion, is we move to the Brandmeister network, since it’s already built and there are many benefits to the new system.

Benefits of Brandmeister:

Allows the use of Motorola, Hytera, and Homebrew DMR systems on a single
Allows the use of a DV4Minis and other Dongles to access ANY talkgroup,
not just reflectors.
Allows communication with DStar reflectors.
Allows for custom applications to query weather, user information, etc
via SMS.
Allows private calls across the entire network.
Allows SMS across the entire network.
Allows template based configuration of static talk groups.
Allows dynamic (PTT) access to all talk groups across the network.
Support for location based services for Motorola and Hytera radios with


Less network activity, meaning less repeaters until people learn of it,
test it, and make the decision to move to it.  Many of us use our local
talk groups primarily so I don’t consider this a huge loss.

Here are the links to setup the system.  It’s very easy.


Brandmeister Dashboard on my Master:

Brandmeister Wiki:
https://bm.pd0zry.nl/index. php/

U.S. Page on Brandmeister Wiki:
Includes the static talkgroup mappings I have setup by default based on
the repeater ID
https://bm.pd0zry.nl/index. php/United_States

Hytera Configuration Example:
*** Use a blank password and bm.dmrx.net in the Domain Names field ***
https://bm.pd0zry.nl/index. php/Hytera_Repeaters

Motorola Configuration Example:
*** Use a blank password and in the Master IP field ***
https://bm.pd0zry.nl/index. php/File:Motorola_repeater_ config.png


Let me know what questions you have and how I can help! (N5QM)

ZONE Mapping:

https://www.arrl.org/files/fil e/Awards%20Application%20Forms /WASmap_Color.pdf 

The 3109X in the list below is determined based on the calling area the repeater ID is assigned from.  For example If a California repeater joins it will get assigned 31096 as it is in calling area 6 or if a repeater from Florida joins, it will get assigned 31094 as it is in calling area 4.

Automatic Talk Group Assignment (Always On)
3100 Nationwide (Like the North America Channel)
3109X Regional Talk Group  (Check Map Above)
31089 Hytera Network USA (Like the OLD North America Channel TG3 on Hytera)
91 Worldwide
8001 DMRX 1 (Connects to cBridge Network)TS2
9 or 2 Local
31XX Statewide
With Talkgroup 31089 we will ALL still be able to TALK to each other just like we have been!
The page shows the US reflectors and their assigned TG..
You can look at the pages of other countries to determine their talk groups, including foreign language groups, as all of those are available dynamically meaning that if you key up that talk group traffic from it will be sent to your repeater for 15 minutes.
I personally have no issues with using “Teamviewer” and logging in to someones system to update their repeaters if needed, just contact me at aaronelekes@gmail.com (N5VAE)
If you have ANY questions, please feel free to contact either Robert or Aaron.
Robert Garcia, N5QM
DMRX Administration Team
AMPRNet Coordinator, State of Arkansas
Aaron Elekes, N5VAE
Old Hytera Team

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