MMDVM Raspberry Pi image

MMDVMWil je Arduino Due compileren vanaf een Raspberry Pi dan maakt Chris, KC7WSU je het heel gemakkelijk. Hij stelt een volledige image ter beschikking!

Here is the latest Raspberry Pi image that I created.

This is an All-in-One image. It allows you to compile and load the latest firmware to the DUE and run the latest MMDVMHost and MMDVMCal.

You will need an 8gb or larger SD card.

Login Details:
User: pi
Pass: raspberry
Installed Software:
– Xfce Desktop
– Remote Desktop Server (RDP Protocol)
– Arduino IDE
– Connect With RDP instead of VNC
– Compile and Write DUE from Raspberry Pi
– MMDVM Background Service
– Upgrade Script
Remote Desktop:
– Windows: Start -> Run -> mstsc.exe
Then put in IP Address of Raspberry Pi
– Mac: Download Microsoft Remote Desktop Client from App Store
Run Application and add new connection.

If you have any issue let me know and I will assist where I can.


Chris Andrist, KC7WSU


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