Next Generation Radio at HamRadio

Ondanks negatieve geluiden en niet werkende apparatuur op de Hamradio 2016 is onderstaand filmpje opgedoken. Robert, WB4DHC heeft dit gepubliceerd met deze tekst:

The Austrian Amateur Radio Society showed their radio that will become a
DMR/Analog/DStar HT. Yes it is large and it isn’t doing DStar yet. It is
in development like all the other radios. Right now it is a DMR/Analog
radio that is combined with a full Android 5.1 smart phone capability.
Wifi(2.4 and 5 Ghz), Bluetooth, NFC as well as dual SIM LTE/G2/G3 and
possibly CDMA. Front and rear cameras.

The radio is programmable from the screen without the need for any external
software. I saw this done so can vouch for it. Long term the config will
be updated via an XML file loaded onto the device via USB/NFC/BT/WiFI or
via a webpage. Gone is the super secret binary codeplug enjoyed by the DMR
type systems in the past. No vendor lock-in regarding that. This means
that if someone wanted to use an external program (maybe to manage channel
lists for multiple and different radios) it could be done and share all of
the common setting items (channels, contacts lists, CCS7 #, Call Sign and
so on). I don’t think such a program exists but am sure someone will
develop it.

The link is to a demo of a real time on the air QSO. The audio sounded
better in person. There was a lot of noise around on the show floor.

The radio is currently DMR and Analog only and 70 cm. This will change as
the development continues. A work in progress for sure. Was nice to see
it working

I met some very energetic young amateurs who are anything but amateur,
they conduct themselves as professionals. They are enthusiastic about the
product and committed to the development of an open source developer
community. Challenges are ahead for sure. They are actively working on
the task list even right in the middle of the show floor.

Now there is some good competition to get to more flexible and feature rich
radios. We, the buyers, will have options as this and CS7000 are
developed. Each radio will have it’s special features. That is ok. No
device needs to have “everything but the kitchen sink”.

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