Update BETA firmware DVMEGA

Inmiddels is versie 3.05 van de BETA firmware voor de DVMEGA hier verkrijgbaar. Op een van de blogs kwam ik een bericht tegen over enige vertraging voordat de DVMEGA reageert. Hieronder de uitleg van Guus over dit fenomeen.

Hi all,
I know that sometimes it will take max. 2 sec before you are heard by the DVMEGA. The reason is that the DVMEGA is idle. In other words in scan mode. It scans the 3 modes for radio activity. The only way to check radio activity in the correct mode is search for a syncword. I have to set the radio in a particular mode and wait some time, no sync go to the next mode. Once a sync word detected the DVMEGA wail stay in that mode until the Hangtime (MMDVM.ini) elapsed. This is the only way to deal with the ADF7021. Because Jonathan can reanalyse a received stream by DSP he can react much faster compared to a radio that has to be set to a particular mode. Again it take only 2 sec max when DVMEGA is idle. You will not have this issue in a QSO.


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