MMDVM 1.2 midden november update

Mid-November update
After a few long months of designing, testing and fine tuning, we finally have some concrete things to share with you guys. It might not be exactly the kind of news you were expecting, but we’re confident you won’t be disappointed…

Despite our best efforts, the MMDVM revision 1.2 is still far from completion. The design we originally envisioned for 1.2 incorporates a really good filter, but it is quite “aggressive” and requires more work, a lot more than we anticipated, both in software and hardware.

You probably noticed the messages some of our rev 1.2 testers exchanged on the Yahoo group over the last few months … We tested and tweaked, and then tested some more but unfortunately it’s just not ready.

A big “Thank you!” goes to all those who helped us design and test this board. We owe you a beer! (or five?!)

We’ll continue to work on the MMDVM revision 1.2 boards, and we hope we’ll find a solution
In the meantime, as a small and well deserved reward for your patience, we’d like to present you a new board: the Rev 1.0.1 board.
We designed the new Rev 1.0.1 board with the following features:
· 12Mhz TCXO
· Multi-turn pots
· RSSI Inputs
· I2C output (to connect LCD)
· A serial output (to connect LCD)
· Additional radio sense and control lines to be used for DR1X conversation
· Protection diodes on all the radio signals
· Additional Status LEDS
The PCBs are ready and they’re heading to the CM. However, it is mid-November and the timing is not really great. As the holiday season approaches fast, the deadlines become really fluid… We’d love to tell you that we’ll ship them in 2-3 week but we simply don’t know. Our best guess is “December”…
Once we get into production we will off course be releasing the schematics (PDF)
If you are on the waiting list for the Rev 1.2 and don’t want to be switched to the Rev 1.0.1 board please let me know.

You don’t need to re-confirm if I have already acknowledged ypu are on the list

If you wish to be removed entirely , I understand just let me know

thanks for your patience






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