Beëindiging DMR-MARC ondersteuning c-Bridge Duitsland

Er komt een einde aan de ondersteuning van het DMR-MARC (Motorola) netwerk in Duitsland. De beheerder van de c-Bridge, de IP netwerk controller van het Motorola netwerk, stopt ermee! Zijn belangrijkste reden om ermee te stoppen hangt samen met de uitgebreide mogelijkheden die BrandMeister biedt en de hoge kosten die verbonden zijn aan de c-Brigde. Veel repeaters zijn al overgestapt naar BM en er zullen er nog meer volgen. Dit heeft ook gevolgen voor de Nederlandse repeaters, PI1RTD, PI1NOG, PI1AMF en PI1KPH want die hangen ook aan deze c-Bridge. Het is natuurlijk de keuze van de beheerders aan welk netwerk zij hun Motorola repeater willen hangen. Voor de gebruikers in Nederland zou het natuurlijk een mooie aanvulling zijn op het bestaande BrandMeister netwerk.

Dear DMR-DL/DMR MARC sysops,

As you already may have noticed, the last time brought some drastical changes in the DMR network. BrandMeister offers more possibilities than all other systems together, furthermore an excellent reliability and quality. This lead to a dramatical drain, around 25 repeaters left my c-Bridge during the last year and moved on to the BrandMeister network. Many countries, like Portugal, Netherlands, Switzerland, Italy, France, Belgium, Denmark, Hungary, Poland, and many German repeaters did this move from c-Bridge to BM. Five of my remaining repeater sysops already announced that they will follow soon.

During the last months high latencies occured in the DMR-MARC network. The cause is the connection to the core server in London. In earlier times we had such a server here in Germany, with a quite close connection to the DE-CIX in Frankfurt, but the tremendous costs were not justifiable any more. You all may know, when it is about money among us hams, almost nobody feels responsible, nobody realizes that such a sophisticated system causes remarkable costs. No volunteers donated me some money. No problem, my financial situation allowed this 🙂

The next point of concern is the connection to DMRplus, what is not exactly the way keeping repeaters in our systems. The quality of connections is not alway as aexpected, and this reflector thing with its 20 Talk Groups  on TS 2 makes the system quite confusing.

Under those not so good conditions I decided to sell my c-Bridge. Rayfield USA told me anyway that c-Bridge development has been stopped *.
* Noot van de redactie: John Rayfield laat HamDigitaal weten dat het stoppen van de c-Bridge ontwikkeling juist doorgaat en niet stopt!

Luckily there is a guy in Switzerland who wants to continue this c-Bridge, to supply his remaining sysops with a high quality DMR-MARC connection. With my c-Bridge! So I will sell it to him.

What does this sale mean for my sysops on the c-Bridge DL-CBR-3?

There are several possibilities.

1. The repeaters are configured using the new Swiss IP address. The new operator assured me offering this service to you as I did before.
2. You as Iain, the UK MARC core administrator, if he is willing to connect your repeaters.
3. You take the same route like me and move to BrandMeister. The advantages are, guaranteed no costs, and a network driven by ham spirit, many features, excellent reliablity and quality.

Very important, time schedule and contact data:

Sysop/administration Switzerland

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