Happy New Year 2017 met verloting

Op verzoek van Iñigo EA2CQ plaats ik dit bericht over een oudejaars ronde. Als je je in het laatste uur inmeld via Talkgroep 214 en je de collega’s radioamateurs een gelukkig nieuwjaar wenst maak je kans op een prijs. Veel succes bij dit leuke initiatief.

“Happy New Year 2017”

Activity Information

(Castellano aquí)


The Happy New Year 2016 activity is an initiative of “BrandMeister Spain”, with the aim of promoting that Radio Amateurs from all over the world, airing in the last hours of the year, greet and wish a happy new year to the other colleagues.

What does it consist of?

It is not a contest. Nor a diploma. Simply use the TG214 from wherever you are,

Who controls the activity?

There will be at all times a “Net Control” designated by the organization, who will coordinate the calls and write down the QSOs in a LOG that is instantly updated on the web.

How do I indicate my interest in take part?

When the “Net Control” indicates it calls with only your callsign. As you know, in DMR only one station can transmit in a moment, so it is possible for someone to get ahead. Wait, and check a few seconds later, if the Net Control has listened to you, since it will repeat your callsign. If so, you just have to wait for him to call you, to make your greeting.

How do I perform the greeting?

The format is free, but must contain:

Your callsign
Your QTH at that time (the name)
You can add, weather, or any detail about how you celebrate New Year’s Eve.

When you have finished, the “Net control” will indicate the QSO number that you will participate in the draw.

Do you have to send QSL?

Not at all. There is no special indication of the activity. Each NetControl, will come with your personal callsign.

Can I make the greeting for another station?

No. Each person, will leave with his callsign. What you can do is to stay with colleagues in your area, who do not yet have DMR equipment, and use yours to make the greeting. But it will remain “an indication, a greeting”. If there are several stations with you, each one will have to ask your turn.

How will the talky raffle take place?

We will take the last three digits of the ONCE lottery on January 1, 2017. If we have not delivered that number, we will proceed to the January 2 draw, and so on until the last three digits of the prize-winning ticket coincide of QSO.

The prize will be sent to the winner’s address.


Red BrandMeister TG214 (EA)
Day 12/31/2016 from 14:00 18:00 (UTC)
Cheer up and participate!


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