De pieper is terug!

New function in BrandMeister! We now have a connection to
POCSAG radio paging network. Robert (DK5RTA) has pushed the idea and
Together with Rudy and Denis as master server then also tested
And realized in practice.
The operation is very simple, one sends with the DMR device one
TMS / SMS message to 262994 (the POCSAG gateway number). The text begins
With the receiver call sign, followed by the message text. So, for example
A message to 262994 with the content “DK5RAS This is a test of the
Paging is then broadcast to 439.9875 MHz, provided the receiver has a
Paging receiver and its ID / RIC also with its call sign
More information about the system on the paging page in the DAPNET (Decentralized
Amateur paging NETwork). here:
on the DMR page the functionality was in the
Master server software and is also used on all master servers
And ensure global routing.
The BM262 team thanks Robert, Rudy and Denis for this fixe and
Professional cooperation, to “times just fast” new functions into the
Ralph, dk5ras

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