Meer informatie over de DR-2X

The DR-2x is designed to operate at 50 watts, 20 watts, or 5 watts based upon the settings programmed into the repeater by the operator. Some fail safes have been put into the repeater for protection and more documentation will be coming on that in the near future. I suggest waiting for the documentation due to the fact that each repeater installation can be or is so different. These can be things such as controllers, no controllers, linking, AMS versus Digital only mode, etc.

The next part in regards to IMRS linking utilizes the DG-ID feature that is currently available in the FT-70D. It will be extended out to all the other Fusion radios in the near future through a firmware update. The IMRS feature (a $200 upgrade per DR-2x) allows for linking of the repeater, in digital mode, without a computer or additional equipment at the site except for the internet. The way it will work is highlighted in the VHF UHF product brochure found on our website. Basically, you will assign DG-ID’s for the repeaters to link together and by selecting the DG-ID it will automatically link the repeaters together.

As an example if you want to link repeater A and B together you would assigned them DG-ID 10. So if you talk into repeater A with no DG-ID or something other than DG-ID 10 you will only go over repeater A. If you want to go over both use DG-ID 10 and the conversation will be automatically directed. We will have more information about it in the future but know that this is going to be a new way to link if someone does not want to use Wires-X for linking (be it direct or remote base).

As stated in other emails and posts the DR-2x will be capable of Dual Receive but it can only have one transmitter active at a time. Many different configurations can be used with this dual receive – dual transmit setup but simultaneous transmit is NOT possible.

Finally, to clear up rumors Wires-X is NOT being discontinued and Yaesu intends to keep the product active. An example to this is the release of the version 1.2 Wires-X software that is needed to work with the FT-70D. I have been told by many people about how they use Wires-X not just for repeater linking but for setting remotes bases so people can have Fusion access. It is strongly recommended that everyone upgrades to version 1.2 to avoid issues with the old software and newer radios/firmware.

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