WiresX werkt op de DR-2X repeater

From Cory Sickles, our General Manager, at Yaesu USA –

When discussing technical information, details can easily be blurred, especially when painting with the proverbial “broad brush”. In addition – after countless interviews over the years – I know personally just how easy it is to have a well-meaning reporter unintentionally twist your words into something you didn’t actually say. With that in mind, some misinformation spread over the weekend, concerning the DR-2X repeater, plus WIRES-X. While my responsibilities do not extend beyond North America, I hope to correct the confusion.

WIRES-X can work with the DR-2X and has been tested with a remote node configuration. Therefore, it is inaccurate to say that it won’t work with the DR-2X. Test results have not been released regarding WIRES-X in a direct connection configuration, so I will not comment on that possibility at this time. When I have additional FACTS regarding this, I will share that information, as well.

So to recap:

1. The DR-2x will work in the stand alone node fashion meaning over the air.
2. Direct connection of the HRI-200 to the DR-2x test results have not been released.

Thank you to everyone for your patience in regards to the answers for this issue.

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