Update info Yaesu DR-2X repeater

Happily, I’m here to clarify some information and update you on some topics.

While – for many reasons – my personal preference is to have a remote WIRES-X node, the DR-2X can support direct connection of the HRI-200 WIRES-X interface. The DR-2X will not support both a directly connected HRI-200 AND an installed LAN board, as used in IMRS. A choice must be made – either one OR the other. If it is your intention to network your DR-2X with a directly connected HRI-200, then please order it without the LAN option. If you want to take advantage of IMRS networking and the new features, then by all means order the repeater with the LAN board. I trust the furtherance of WIRES-X networking will be welcome news to many.

There have also been some questions regarding connectivity to external repeater controllers, via the 15-pin connector on the rear panel. Here again, we have good news. The pinout is the same as the 15-pin connector on the DR-1X. Thus, if you already have an external repeater controller, such as an ARCOM, SCOM, or other brand that is working, then you shouldn’t have to change anything, for basic operation. Also, ARCOM’s ADR cable – which has the intelligence in it to allow older or limited I/O controllers to function properly with AMS logic signaling – can continue to work and will remain a time-saver, for many organizations with homebrew repeater controllers.

Also, the DR-2X has voice memory features – analog and digital – for announcements concerning club meetings, hamfests, upcoming EMCOMM events, welcome messages, and pretty much whatever your heart desires.

While I can’t reveal when the DR-2X repeaters will be shipping to our customers, I will let you know when that happens. I can also say that we will have some more good news coming soon.

Thank you all for your continued interest and your patience. Also, thank you for your support of Yaesu, our ongoing efforts to better communicate with you and especially for the professionalism the predominates discussions and comments on this page.

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