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Back in September we posted [1, 2] about the QRadioLink software which is an RTL-SDR compatible digital amateur radio voice decoder and encoder program for Linux and Android (with chroot). It supports modern digital voice codecs like Codec2 and Opus. It is capable of being used with multiple SDRs, and can be used for transmitting digital voice too if you have a transmit capable SDR.

Andrian the developer recently wrote in to let us know that QRadioLink now has a website at qradiolink.org that you can follow for updates about its development. The website also explains some of the features of the software, and lists possible performance values of digital voice. The features include:

Receives and transmits analog voice, digital voice, low resolution video, text, IP protocol.
Narrow band modem with Codec2 or wideband modem and Opus.
Digital Modems: BPSKQPSK2FSK4FSK
Modes: narrow FM, SSB, digital voice, digital video, digital data
Formats: Codec2 700B, Codec2 1400, Opus 10 kbit/s
Video formats: JPEG
Supported hardware: Ettus USRP, RTL-SDR, HackRF, BladeRF and in general all devices supported by gr-osmosdr
Typical Receiver performance is given in the following table, with all values being measured on an R820T RTL-SDR.

In the future Adrian hopes to expand the software to include features like VOIP integration, SSB transceiver, DTMF & CTCSS encoder/decoders, multi-channel RX, HD video, remote control and a GUI improvement.

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