DMR radio met FM radio

Retevis RT80 will become your DMR radio choice as a UHF device with 999 channels which will be released in early 2018. Most DMR radios are heavy and big, but RT80 has a small body which is more easy to carry when use it. It is a single band UHF radio, frequency from 400 to 480Mhz.

RT80 Main Feature
RT80 has 16 zones, and which zone can support 999 channels.
Analog and digital mode combined.
Switch Channel through up/down key.
Edit radio ID through radio panel.
Store 1000 Contacts.
Text message in digital mode
FM radio (Store 32 FM frequency).
Reverse Frequency.
Encryption up to 32 numbers.
Dual Slot.
1750 Tone.
Screen inversion.
Gerenal Spectification
Frequency UHF:400-480
Channel Capacity 999
Group 8
Group Channel Capacity 16
Weight(With battery and antenna) 219g
Battery Type Li-Ion
Battery Capacity 1500
Working Time(5-5-90, Battery Save Enabled) 11/12 hours
Size 105*53*29.5mm
Digital Vocoder Type AMBE++
Digital Protocol ETSI-TS102 361-1,2

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