Ailunce laatste firmware versie 1.37

HD1 latest firmware version V1.37 issued on 9th, Jan, 2018.

Change Log:
1.Call log will show any call type, not only Private Call.
2.When connect repeater fail, it will show”Rprt Fail” not”Relay Fail”.
3.Communicate end, it will delay 5s to show the contacts information. If someone dont want this delay, press exit will back to the screen.
4.The call log display the full screen.
5.Remove the top sign “DMR” or “FM” to the bottom, then the channel name will display 12 characters.HD1

HD1 Software CPS V1.61 and Firmware V1.36 issued on 28th, Dec,2017

CPS V1.61.   Change Log: 1.Address the issue Export Address Book Contacts no data.
2.Add new function: import or export Channels information.

Firmware V1.3.6.     Change Log: Address the problem when sending a message from Motorola to HD1 unreadable.


HD1 Software V1.60 issued on 19th,Dec,2017

  1. Change boot page. The picture requirement: 160*128 pixel, 24-bit depth,.BMP format.
  2.  Issue the problem sometimes can read data from the radio but can’t write to the radio.
  3.  For priority contacts, add two buttons”Add” and “Del”. Not only add priority contacts via CPS but also add contacts on radio panel. Improve ID-Sort and Contacts Alias Sort.


HD1 Firmware V1.34 issued on 16th,Dec,2017

HD1 firmware V1.3.4 improve the problem when transmit and receive sometimes sharp sound from the speaker.


HD1 Software V1.56 issued on 14th,Dec.2017

HD1 Software V1.56. Issue the problem when reading address book contacts from radio nothing appears.


HD1 Firmware V1.32 issued on 13th,Dec,2017

Address the V1.31 Firmware issue transmitting frequency error in vfo mode.


HD1 Latest Firmware version V1.31 and software V1.55 issued on 11th, Dec, 2017.

1. Issue misunderstanding expression.

Unified “Transceiver Inhibit Function” to Radio Kill

Unified “ Wake Up Function” to “ Radio Wakeup”.

2. Add two backlight time: 60s and 120s.

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