DMR828 2W Digital walkie talkie module

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1. Descriptions

DMR828 is a 2W long distance all-in-one DMR walkie talkie module. Only need external power supply and speaker, it is easy to become a professional digital walkie talkie. Simplified interface and Ultra small size make this module widely used in various applications and conveniently embedded into various handheld device.

2. Features

UHF band frequency:400~470 MHZ
Distance up to 8Km
Max power output to 2W,
low power to 0.5W
High Sensitivity:-124dBm
Bit error rate down to 1% under -121dBm
Independent frequency for Tx and Rx
Bandwidth: 12.5 / 25 KH
Voice and text messages communication
Reminder for input calling, calling status checking
DMR /Analog walkie talkie
Message transmission and reception
Built-in EEPROM, data saved even powered off
1ppm TCXO crystal
9 adjustable volume
Enhanced encryption of Voice and Text message

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