Live Streaming of Microhams Digital Conference 2018 met Guus PE1PLM

Live Streaming of Microhams Digital Conference 2018

MHDC 2018 – Live Stream!

Tomorrow, Saturday, 3/24/2018 is the MHDC-2018 – this conference sold out
immediately last January and many people who wanted to attend were unable
to get tickets.

KU7M – Kenny Richards, will be live streaming the event. All times are US
Pacific Daylight Savings Time (UTC-7). Use the above link to find the live
stream on YouTube.

Current Speaker List :

*Joe Taylor*– We are pleased to announce that Professor Joe Taylor
<>, K1JT will be
speaking at this year’s conference. Joe is Professor Emeritus of Physics
at Princeton, Nobel Laureate and author of the JT digital modes.

*Bryan Hoyer*– One of the conference’s past presenters, Bryan Hoyer K7UDR
of NW Digital Radio <> , will be giving a talk
on “The APRS of Things” and demonstrating their newest products.

*John Langner*– WB2OSZ, the author of the Direwolf sound card TNC
<>will be speaking.

*Ken Koster* – N7IPB will present using SvxLink <> to
connect a network of 220 repeaters in the Pacific Northwest. SvxLink runs
on a linux computer and provides a custom dual radio interface for FM voice
repeater control and linking over the Internet. Ken will provide an
overview of how a mix of repeaters are connected via RFLinks and the
Internet, as well as the real-time status information available via the web..

*Alex Schwarz*– VE7DXW the developer of the RF-Seismograph and MDSR
<> will present the results of the
RF-Noise monitoring experiment during the solar eclipse and the turbulent
solar activity (including the strongest X-Ray flare in 30 years) that

*Guus van Dooren*– PE1PLM Entrepreneur and creator of DVMEGA
<>. Guus will discuss the latest D-Star

[Note; I am simply sharing the information and will not be able to provide
any technical or logistical assistance.]

John D. Hays
Edmonds, WA

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