Icom IP Advanced Radio System

Icom’s IP Advanced Radio System is an innovative communication solution that works over wireless LAN (WLAN) and IP networks. The system utilises a network controller and remote communicators provide secure conversation via WLAN security protocols and is totally licence-free. When a communicator is connected to an optional headset, the system is capable of hands-free, full duplex communication allowing users to transmit/receive (talk/hear) concurrently.

This new technology is already becoming a viable alternative to traditional digital two way radios systems within all manner of industry sectors. Being fully duplex and having the ability to be put into a building on an existing WI-Fi system are strong reasons for businesses to consider this technology. The system, in fact can be used like a trunked radio system with individual and group calling. The controller has the technology to group calls, putting individual calls through and all of that is done by giving each individual handportables a personality on the system. It’s a direct replacement to trunking with additional capacity, but using a different technology. The cost implications against traditional analogue and digital trunked technology are huge and could see huge savings.

So what other benefits are there?

Hands free full duplex comms (with optional headset)

With an optional headset, the IP100H user can talk and receive simultaneously like a phone call. Hands-free operation allows your staff to carry out other tasks at the same time.

No licence fee, No call charge

Radio licences are not required for this system, when using standard wireless networking infrastructure. The system uses the IEEE 802.11 a/ b/ g/n.

Secure encrypted communication

The wireless security protocols WPA-PSK and WPA-PSK2 encrypt the calls.

Excellent audio quality

Since communication over a WLAN offers a wider frequency bandwidth and QoS priority packet delivery, the sound quality is higher than in a traditional radio communication system and is comparable to regular telephone communication.

Lightweight, Compact Waterproof and Dustproof (IP67)

The IP100H Handportables are a good size and robust. They are IPX7 waterproof (1m depth water for 30 minutes) and ideal for both outdoor work, working in a wet environment and also indoors.

All Call / Group Call / Individual Call and Access point Call

<b>All Call / Group Call / Individual Call and Access point Call</b>

The IP100H/IP100FS can make individual call, group conference call, all call and area call. The unique area call function allows you to call users who are accessing the specified access point. Staff spread across an extended site, such as a hotel, can communicate seamlessly.

Customisable Dispatcher software

The optional IP100FS dispatcher software receives information about the location of each transceiver based on the access point to which it is recorded and represent it graphically on the screen. In a network consisting of two or more access points connected via IP, a transceiver can roam from an access point to another without losing communication.

Remote monitor / Stun / Revive

In an emergency, the IP100FS can force an individual IP100H to transmit anything the microphone hears to identify the situation. If the IP100H is used by an unauthorized person, a remote kill command can be sent to disable the unit.

Over the air programming

You can dial in and reprogram over the air with VPN access. After an initial system set up, the IP1000C can program most radio configurations over the air (no cable connection required).

Status & Short Message data

Pre-stored status messages from a Handportable and a low cost dispatcher to go with it as well

20 or 100 user systems available

The IP1000C remote communicator controls voice traffic and 20 or 100 terminals (depending on version).

Connect with Dispersed Sites

If connected over an Internet VPN, Icom’s IP system expands communication to dispersed sites. With Icom’s optional VE-PG3 RoIP gateway, the IP advanced radio system can interconnect with IP phones as well as analogue and IDAS™ digital transceivers and mobile phones (via a SIP server). Another option is a new interface currently being developed by Icom UK which will work together with IDAS dPMR, NXDN and analogue radio systems.

Vibration alert function

Vibrating function for incoming calls (optional on or off)

Up to 20 hours battery life

The IP100H can operate for up to 20 hours on the BP-271 Li-Ion battery pack, which can be charged within 2 hours using the BC-202 desktop charger

Internal or External antenna

Built-in antenna can be used even without the external antenna in a wireless network.

So what are the implications of this new technology for a radio dealer?

<b>So what are the implications of this new technology for a radio dealer?</b>

f a dealer has experience with IP Linked sites already, the IP Advanced Radio System wouldn’t be any more complicated. The dealer would need to understand IP, MAC address, SS ID’s. Basically it is computer language as opposed to radio language.

In terms of installation, the system is much easier to install. To get communications in buildings you would traditionally use a distributed antenna system down a building such as a lift shaft to get full coverage in a building. Now with the Icom IP Advanced Radio System, the process is now much simpler by simply placing wireless access points around the building, that’s the way you gain coverage.

The scope of this new technology is very wide and there are strong reasons for the radio industry to move towards this new technology. You would find it nearly impossible to get a licence for a UHF2 radio scheme in London; it’s simply not there anymore.

Initial enquiries and field tests have come from a variety of sources such as mines, sports stadia and skyscrapers. The diversity of this system seems to be virtually limitless and anywhere there is a two way business radio requirement.

Consider Icom’s IP Advanced Radio System!

To discover the benefits of Icom’s new Revolutionary IP Advanced Radio System, click Download Icom’s IP Advanced Radio System PDF Guide.


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