Wires-X update (met error)

Yaesu adviseert Wires-X gebruikers te upgraden naar versie 1.4. Helaas, en dit lijkt standaard te worden, werkt de software niet feilloos. John Kruk van Yaesu werkt met enkele gebruikers aan een oplossing.

WIRES-X Owners News [2018/08/06]

Important Notice: Update of the WIRES-X PC Software (V1.40)

Dear Valued WIRES-X node owners;

Thank you for your patronage of the YAESU WIRES-X.
Please be informed that the latest WIRES-X software (V1.40) has been released and available at the YAESU official website below.


The new WIRES-X PC Software (Ver 1.40) improves connection to the WIRES-X System and WIRES-X PC Software operation. It is strongly recommended that all WIRES-X node owners update the current WIRES-X software to the latest version (Ver 1.40) for continued WIRES-X operation.

For any further detailed information about the latest firmware, please refer to the “Firmware Update Information” posted on the website.

We hope you enjoy QSO through the WIRES-X for many years to come. Thank you.

Very truly yours,

WIRES-X Customer Support Team
USA- amateurtech@yaesu.com
EU- wires@yaesu.co.uk
Asia/ Oceania- wires@yaesu.com

Gentlemen –

Sorry to report that this appears to be something with your computers. If you follow the link to the quick YouTube video (sorry shot with cell as I am not in the office) you will see the following:

1.) Click on View(V) at the top menu bar

2.) Select and click Bookmark-Info(B)

3.) [Upon window opening up] click and check the box labeled ‘Show the offline Node/Room’.

4.) Click the Close button

The software does not loop and I connect to my own room. I then even disconnect from my room and go back to check ‘Show the Closed Room’ and still the software does not loop as stated.

I am running my software as an administrator AND I have multiple copies of WiRES-X running (two old versions and a beta) having no issues.

The link to the video (which will only be available for a couple days) is: https://youtu.be/pdEs3CJksh4

If this is not the right steps and menus please provide me which steps you are doing (menus and mouse clicks) and I will test it out. I have v1.4 downloaded off of the website which is the same as yours. I also did NOT delete or remove any old versions of WiRES-X.

Best Regards,

John Kruk – N9UPC

National Sales Manager

Amateur Division – Yaesu USA


Kortom Yaesu, werk aan de winkel.

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