Groot Display voor de CS-800 (1D)

Connect Systems komt met een groot scherm voor de CS-800D, CS-800 en CS-801


The Big Freakin Display is an option to the CS800D, CS800, and CS801 that allows you to see more information than what is on the small display of the radio. Future FREE firmware enhancements of that product will allow you to control multiple different radios from a single display with optional interface cards. The next radio we will support is the Yaesu FT-857 followed by radios that does DSTAR, FUSION, NXDN, and P25.

The CS-BFD will initially cost $299 and each interface cable will cost approximately $100 – $200. We expect to get the first 40 units shipped to us on October 8 and about 160 units shipped later in October with additional units in November and December. I am going to reserve 15 units for sale at the Ham Convention in San Ramone (Northern California) October 19 – October 21, five units for product review, and ten units for spares.  For those people who order the Display Panels before the end of October, they will be grandfathered with the following advantages:

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