Nieuwe RETEVIS RT52 Dual Band

Retevis dual band dual PTT DMR GPS RT52 is a Amateur radio, frequency range UHF 400-470MHz and VHF136-174MHz,dual band dual display own VFO mode for programming manually. 4000 channels, 250zones, 16ch each zones. RT52 has DTMF function in analog mode.Simply know about Retevis RT52 following

Main features:

1.Broadband digital GPS two way radio

2.Dual PTT Operation

3.Various Scanning Functions

4.Single/Dual Standby Switch

5.DTMF(Analog Mode)

6.Direct or Repeater TDMA Tier II Modes (Hytera, MOTOROLA, Kirisun etc.)

7.Voice Recording Option(Analog/Digital, Playback, Delete)

Unique dual PTT appearance design
Retevis RT52

Dual PTT can control two channels in A/B band at the same time, which avoid trouble to switch two channels. Dual band dual display dual PTT receive two channels, improve communication efficiently

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