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Around last Year i’ve developed a DVB-S Receiver in Software to learn more about Signal Processing and Multithreading/SIMD Optimization. This software is supposed to be the starting point for experimenting and implementing my own DVB-S receiver on a FPGA Board. It has mainly been written for personal use, so it’s not very user-friendly

Maybe this is also interesting for you, because there are many people here with SDR Boards.

I hope that you can give some Feedback and constructive criticism.

This Software does only run on quite modern CPUs with SIMD instruction sets and AVX support. Should be Intel Haswell and above.

There are a few Screenshots attached as a reference how things should look like ^^

MPEG-TS output is localhost, UDP at port 8888.

Tested with RTL-SDR and hackrf. LimeSDR is not tested, maybe it works, maybe not.

DVB-S2 is being experimented with, but there is only DVB-S1 support for now.

Current Version: 2.0.9

Download Link:

Quick Guide:

  • Center the DVB-S transponder, so that it’s in the middle of the FFT plot.
  • Change the symbolrate slider so that it’s near the actual symbol rate. Using the ‘Show FFT after Matched Filtering’ checkbox helps.
  • Play with the Timing Recovery Loop Gain and Damping Sliders until you can see a circle inside the IQ plot and set appropriate Baseband-Gain Settings without overdriving.
  • Enable Carrier recovery (coarse, fine is not usable right now) and play with the loop gain/damping. Higher gain for locking, until you can see a derotated QPSK constellation.

lower gain afterwards with reduced damping works best.

  • rotate the constellation, and skip symbols, until you can see the sync counter going up. Don’t forget to choose the right FEC Rate before.

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