Firmware V1.11 is beschikbaar voor de IC-9700

Firmware V1.11 is now downloadable on the Icom Japan Global website.

TIP: Maak altijd eerst een backup van je radio instellingen op de SD card voordat je de firmware gaat upgraden!!!!!

Release Notes: This firmware version fixes a bug which will cause the IC-9700 to lock up (freeze), requiring removal of the primary DC power source to clear the lockup. I urge IC-9700 owners to apply this update at their earliest convenience. I have confirmed the bug as well as the fix provided by V1.11.

Press kHz/M-CH key to switch MULTI knob default function to kHz (indicated inn top right corner of screen),

With FW V1.10 or earlier, touch and hold the MHz digits (144, 430 or 1240) to allow tuning in 1 MHz steps via the main tuning knob. (Triangular index appears above MHz units digit).

Now rotate the MULTI knob. The IC-9700 will lock up, and all controls will become unresponsive.

The DC supply must be removed to clear this condition.

Note that the lockup does not occur if the MULTI knob default function is PBT (indicated in top right corner of screen).

Firmware V1.11 corrects this issue completely. Rotating the MULTI knob (in kHz mode) will now allow tuning in 1 kHz steps. Please save your settings prior to the update, and load them once the update is completed.

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