Fortune Cookie SMS Service op het Brandmeister Network

Iñigo EA2CQ laat mij het volgende weten!

I have programmed a new service in case you would like to publish it at your wonderful page:

Fortune Cookie SMS Service at Brandmeister Network:

You send an sms to private 214995 with number “2” as text and you will receive an sms with a proverb, famous phrase… etc…

And what is this for?

1) Because BM must be funny

2) It is a good sms tx/rx checker,

Other available languages sending different numbers: 1 Spanish, 2 English, 3 French, 4 German, 5 Italian, 6 Russian, 7 Chez, 8 Polish and 9 Irish.

Ook heeft Iñigo EA2CQ een BrandMeister DXCluster spotting service gemaakt!

BM DXCluster spotting service: send text: DX freq dx_call optional_comment to private 214995 and the spot will go to dxspider network with your callsign as sender. Useful for SOTA or other portable activations. Ex: DX 144300 EA2CQ/P testing

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