feb 16

Nieuwe Hytera radio de BD35X

Hytera BD35X, a commercial portable radio with sophisticated and ease-to-use design, stood out of 5500 competitive works from 59 countries winning iF Design Award 2017.

Designed to enhance communications for those working in sector of retail and hospitality, Hytera BD35X has an ultra-slim, compact and rugged profile, fitting comfortably in hand palm for one-hand operation. The green and black push-to-talk button reflects high-visibility, making it easier to spot it in any light conditions while embodying the brand identity.
Hytera product design team has been recognized by world renowned award several times before, including Red Dot Design Award in 2008 and 2014.
About iF
Dated from 1953 in Germany, iF Design Award is one of the top 4 industrial design events, along with Red-dot (Germany), IDEA (America) and G-mark (Japan).
The iF logo, which is given to the award winners of the competitions, has become an internationally acknowledged symbol of outstanding design. It serves as a signal for design-interested audiences in the global economies. For end users it’s a independent decision-making aid. iF has become one of the largest and most respected design centers in the world.
feb 15

Tytera MD-2017 dual band

TYT just released the first ever image of the upcoming TYT MD-2017 dual band DMR handheld radio.

TYT MD-2017 Dual Band DMR

Dual time slot for point to point [they probably mean simplex]
Dual time slot for repeater
Use Time-Division Multiple-Access (TDMA) technology
Compatible with Mototrbo Tier I and II [we’ve seen that before]
Lone worker
Encryption function
Analog and digital combined [I hope this means something more, eg. watching analog and digital at the same time]
Single call, group call and all call
Remote kill/stun and activate
Firmware upgradeable
Expected release date is May 2017. No info on pricing yet.

feb 12

Luister iedere zondag naar de Delftse DMR ronde!

rondeElke zondag om 12.00 uur: DMR-Ronde met Ton-PD4DFT.

De ronde vind plaats op BrandMeister Talkgroep 2042!

(voor de dongels, gebruik de extended routing zoals hier omschreven om op TG 2042 te komen)

Sinds zondag 14 december 2014 is er vanuit Delft een ‘DMR-Ronde’ gestart door zendamateur en PI1DFT-dmr-repeaterbeheerder Ton – PD4DFT.

Elke zondagmiddag, vanaf 12.00 uur lokale tijd, worden dmr-zendamateurs, in binnen- en buitenland, digitaal uitgenodigd om zich in de ronde in te melden, SWLuisteramateurs kunnen tijdens de ‘DMR-Ronde’ wereldwijd meeluisteren via de stream van het audiokanaal van de Borrelrondewebsite.
Na de uitzending is de ‘DMR-Ronde’ ook per podcast te downloaden bij pagina Downloads.

De livestream van de Delftse DMR ronde is via Brandmeister Hoseline (Chrome of Safari) te volgen!

feb 11

Fill in your Talker Alias text!

During the worldwise net today the full scale of the new TA feature (Talker Alias) came trought. The callsign and name of the radioamateur, that had filled in his name on the selfcare page on the BrandMeister network, was visible. If you wanna use this feature, and i advise you to do this, go to the selfcare page and fill in your name in the APRS text field. Your callsign is automatically being send by BrandMeister no need to fill this in!

Everytime you push the PTT button BrandMeister will add your callsign and name to the transmission.
On your radio set in “Menu” , “Settings” , “2 Radio Set” . “20 Send Alias” to OFF! BrandMeister will now send your TA not the radio! Your call and name can now be seen all over the world!

feb 09

Nieuwe TA feature BrandMeister

BrandMeister heeft gisteren een feature toegevoegd met als doel de TA (Talker Alias), een optie in Hytera apparatuur, beter te laten verlopen. TA is een optie die behoort bij de nieuwe DMR ETSI standaar en is door Hytera geïmplementeerd in hun apparatuur Het is nu voor iedereen mogelijk een TA in te stellen via de selfcare webpagina van Brandmeister. Deze APRS tekst wordt dan meegezonden met de data en kan op de ontvangende set worden weergegeven. Via Motorola repeaters werkt deze optie “nog” niet maar er zal ook geen verstoring optreden als de feature toch wordt aangezet. Met dank aan het BrandMeister coding team. Alle informatie over de veranderingen aan BrandMeister vind je in het changelog hier! De Nederlandse codepluggen zijn reeds voorbereid op de optie! In de toekomst zou het overnemen van de roepnamen in de codepluggen overbodig worden. Nu reeds moet een selectie gemaakt worden van de meest gebruikte roepnamen omdat het aantal geheugenplaatsen in een radio soms beperkt is.

feb 04

Bouw je eigen MMDVM hotspot voor minder dan $100USD

Bron: mmdvm.blogspot.com
I’m pleased to announce a big step forward for the open source MMDVM project. There is now support for the ADF7021 RF chip. A lot of work has been going on in the background. A special shout out needs to go to Andy CA6JAU. Without his countless hours of work this would remain a half finished project still sitting on my workbench.

This means mmdvmhost/mmdvm can now talk directly to the 7021 chip so external radios are not needed. In the initial release of source code, there is support for DStar, DMR (DMO), Fusion and P25. Fusion and P25 have not had any significant amount of testing done.
Now to the good stuff. All the source code is currently hosted on Andy’s github.
We will be working on getting it merged into the mainline code.
I also posted in the Files section a document with build and installation instructions.
The hardware used during development is a combination of an ADF7021 board and an STM32F103 board. To make it easier to put the parts together I designed a simple carrier board (see attached picture). Everything is thru-hole so most everyone should be able to solder it. As soon as the Chinese New Year break is over, Bruce will be ordering more blank boards.
The stock ADF7021 board needs two modifications. The first is the oscillator has to be replaced with a low ppm TCXO. The second mod is a jumper needed to connect a pin on the 7021 chip to the NC pin on the ADF7021 board header. More pictures will be coming shortly.
The ADF7021 boards are no longer being manufactured. Through his connections in China Bruce has acquired a small number of them and is currently having the two modifications done.  His supplier claims to still have some remaining stock. If there is enough interest from the group I’m sure he can try to get more.

If you are interested in helping to test, PM Bruce. He will be in touch with updates on kit availability. We’d like to give priority to those who are more comfortable with the ins and outs of setting up the build environment and able to do the soldering.