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NIeuwe Retevis RT84 dual band DMR radio

RT84 is dual brand 2 slots DMR radio, which has abundant functions, full color LCD display and keyboard to operate by hands. Frequency range 136-174 MHz(VHF)&400-470 MHz(UHF) and 5W power and 3000 channels, mainly used for close and long distance communication. NEW Retevis RT84 dual band DMR radio is available, welcome to know more about RT84

1.Main Features

A.Abundant function for different applications, especially meet with HAMS need
B.Compare with others DMR radios, the unique is high performance price ratio
C.Dual slots improve communication availability
D.Compatible digital and analog mode, talking from different signals

2.Main functions

A.Direct mode/dual capacity dual direct mode DCDM function

DCDM is a feature that allow two slots operation on simplex mode, when open DCDM, slots worked on simplex, two radios have to keep same slot to communicate each other, know more please check this blogs for details:
B.Support private and group call match
Open private and group call match, no matter contacts in private and group call, two radios can talk with each other under frequency same, color code same, time slot same

3.Difference appearance

RT84 own difference appearance with others DMR radio, like RT3, RT82,RT82 and HD1. it looks more high-end atmospheric grade with tactile impression
Retevis RT84


4.Main application

As RT84 is amateur radio, which fit widely use on Hams. At the same time, it also fits tourism, leisure, hiking, outdoor sports, travel, business and office and other industries

Standards accessories:
1 x RT84 digital two way radio

1 x Antenna

1 x Battery

1 x Adapter

1 x Charger

1 x Belt Clip

1 x Hand Strap

1 x User Manual

1 x Earpiece ( in package)


If you would to know about RT84, please download USB driver and software and manual by this link:http://www.retevis.com/resources-center

If you interest in RT84, welcome to order it on Retevis brand store by this link:

Sure, you also can directly contact for questions and orders need by email: vip@retevis.com

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Realtime Multicast voor SDR Interconnect van TAPR DCC 2018

Van Rutger, PA3CQJ ontving ik het volgende bericht: Ik dacht dat we alle presentaties van de TAPR DCC 2018 gehad hadden, maar hier is er weer eentje!

KA9Q, dat deed een belletje rinkelen, en inderdaad KA9Q NOS, een TCP/IP
implementatie die we gebruikten op packet radio, dat was dertig jaar geleden denk ik…

Vanaf minuut 37 praat hij over zijn toekomstplannen, interessant


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Setup de RT3S voor APRS(fi)

Many customers want to know how to set their digital radios ARPS, to realize Real time positioning. Today let’s take RT3S APRS as an example, to explain the settings step by step.

What’s the Work principle of setting RT3S ARPS?

RT3S transmit GPS information to MMDVM–> MMDVM receive data packet and retransmit to Brandmeister server–> BM server transmit GPS information to APRS.fi–>User see the real time position of GPS radio holder.

How many steps for RT3S ARPS?

1.Setting on your bandmeister account
2.Setting on your hot spot
3.Setting on your RT3S software
4.Transmitting RT3S GPS position

Below please check the details for RT3S APRS settings:

1.Setting on your bandmeister account

A. Register on https://brandmeister.network/
B. Login brandmeister account, set in Selfcare settings Part, as below:

For APRS callsign part: Please check SSID description as below:

For walkie talkie products, we choose-7, so it’s BH6PJL-7.

Click “Save” to Finish this step.

2.Setting on your hot spot

Configuration on p-star Callsign, DMR ID, frequency in P-star
Make sure the”DMR master” is your local ID.
For Latitude and Longitude: please check on https://www.qrz.com/gridmapper
Final your “Zero”position and fix the Grid.

3.Set on RT3S programming software

A.Contacts settings
On https://wiki.brandmeister.network/index.php/China, we find APRS application private Call ID is 460999.We can designate the contact name: such as APRS-RT3S

Set Private contact to be APRS-RT3S.

B.Set communicaiton channel to be reversed to MMDVM (repeater) frequency

Set GPS system

4.Transmit GPS position

A .Normally GPS signal need transmit ourdoor, the effect will be better. Switch radio to channel 1. Wait till GPS signal too be total green( no red point), it stands for GPS position activated.

B.You can see you GPS position Menu>> GPS/Beidou Information

RT3S GPSC.Press PTT, GPS information will be transmit to BM server, then BM server transmit to APRS.fi, based on BM settings before, every 60 secends, GPS position information will be automatically send to BM server( after first press, no need press PTT again), but please make sure the current channel no change, which is matching the MMDVM hot spot settings.

D.Search the tracked callsign of the GPS radio holder on APRS.fi website, we will see the GPS track.

RT3S APRSE.If you do not want to set GPS position again, just switch to another channel, it will stop sending.

What Retevis radios can set APRS?
Retevis RT3, RT8, RT82, RT3S. All these channels can set APRS. Any other queries about APRS, we can discuss again.