Connect Systems presenteert CS750

cs700web1-500x500Op de website van Connect Systems wordt melding gemaakt van het uitbrengen van de CS750 speciaal voor de radioamateur-markt. De firmware zal worden aangepast om alle DMR contacten en kanalen die in de wereld worden gebruikt te kunnen opslaan. Ook wordt het mogelijk de radio te programmeren (FPP, front panel program). Connect Systems schrijft hierover het volgende:


The Original CS700 was designed for the commercial markets and as such did not have certain features that was desired by the Amateur market. The CS750 is the first DMR compatible radio to be designed specificially for the Amateur market. In the commercial market, having one thousand contacts is probably more than you will ever need. There is nearly 10,000 contacts available just in the DMR-MARC network and all those contacts and more can be stored in the CS750. The Papa Amateur Club has nearly 1000 channels covering its repeaters up and down the California coast. Our radios will have more than 1000 channels. The Amateurs have a need to add channels while away from their computers. The CS750 will have keypad programming. Some of the other features that the Amateur Community has asked for will be in there such as Nuisance Delete and Mic Gain. More features will be added as we get feedback from the Amateur Community. The price for this radio is $239 if ordered directly from Connect Systems. The price is $229 if your order 10 or more at the same time. You will also save on shipping cost per radio. Some of the features described will not be available on the first release but will be added by a simple upload of new firmware.

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