Talker Alias in firmware MD380

Link naar nieuwe firmware met TA hier!

Het zaadje is gepland. Nu TA werkt op Hytera apparatuur is het ook gelukt de TA mee te zenden naar de MD380 via BrandMeister! Er dient echter nu nog een oplossing gevonden te worden om de TA ook weer te geven op het display van de MD380.

Foundation for Talker Alias in MD-380 radios laid

Something about laid and fertilized, but not yet hatched eggs. So why bother talking about those? Well, maybe some coders want to help finishing an user interface for this.

The BrandMeister coding team decided helping improve the MD-380 firmware enhancement of Travis Goodspeed ( With the latest commit the radio is aware of the Talker Alias and shovels it through its log file, so
that it can already be read over USB from a PC. Now the job is implementing a display routine in the radio firmware.

Volunteers, go for the race for the best implementation. Now! 🙂
BrandMeister is the community driven network!

Ralph, dk5ras, for the German BM262 team.

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