Eerste foto’s van de myDV-Host PCB voor de DVMEGA

Guus, PE1PLM heeft de eerste foto’s van het nieuwe PCB van de myDV-Host voor de DVMEGA gepubliceerd. Dit PCB vervangt het gebruik van een Raspberry Pi in zijn geheel. Lekker compact allemaal! Later volgt nog een video! Later is er meer informatie hier te vinden!


DVMEGA myDV Host is a new module based on a ESP8266. This module is made as a carrier to hold the DVMEGA Raspberry PI radio’s (single or dualband). The name Host explains already a bit of the functionality. With this module you do not need a PC, Raspberry or whatsover, it has the host software on board. The total size is 40 X 50 X 18 mm, the size of a matchbox.

This myDV Host has standard WIFI on board and is very easy to config. When the myDV Host is not able to connect a WIFI network it set itself as AP (Access Point), you can connect with standard WIFI device the myDV Host to set or search for available WIFI network. When done, the unit will reset itself and the Host will be started. Also a webserver start and can be reacht under http://mydv http://mydv . The webserver run a config screen.

At this moment DMR (connection to BrandMeister) is implemented. And the config module needs some effort. When the config module is ready the project will be opensource available. There are some more systems to implement (for DMR : DMR+, XLX, for D-Star : Dplus, Dextra, X-net, XLX, and for Fusion : YSF and FCS)

A lot of work to do !

I keep you all posted.


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