SmartSDR versie 2.0 met Smartlink verkrijgbaar

Remote operation made beautifully simple. That’s the best way to describe the new SmartLink capability included in SmartSDR Version 2.0 available immediately for download. Finally, remote operation that just works. No boxes to buy, no complicated VPN to set up, no remote desktop, no computer required, and no complexity. Just download, upgrade, purchase, register, and operate from anywhere at any time. Remote so simple it’s practically magic!

When you register your radio on the FlexRadio cloud server, you have the convenient option of using your Google or Facebook login or create your own secure account credentials. From that point you can securely connect from any remote Maestro, PC, Laptop, iPhone, or iPad. If you have multiple radios, they all show up in the radio chooser. Simply select the radio and our server securely connects the remote client device directly to the radio so you can operate just as you would running SmartSDR at your home station. You can even use logging applications remotely using the new SmartLink enabled SmartSDR CAT interface.

In addition to SmartLink we have added a number of new features and enhancements including:
Pop out panadapters and control windows on SmartSDR for Windows
New metering sidebar for Maestro
40 dB preamp gain for increased VHF sensitivity on FLEX-6700/6700R
Improved single tone and two tone dynamic range on the FLEX-6300
New N1MM spectrum feature with spot integration
New VSP driver for SmartSDR CAT
New TURF for Australia, and IARU Region 2
Numerous bug fixes and performance enhancements
If you own any FLEX-6000 Series radio, download SmartSDR v2.0 right now to get started. If you own a FLEX-6500 or FLEX-6700 Limited Edition or previously purchased the v2.0 upgrade simply download and upgrade. Your radio is already set up on our server. If you want to learn more you can read the SmartSDR v2.0 FAQ, SmartLink for Windows and SmartLink for Maestro Quick Start Guide, and updated SmartSDR v2.0 Operating Manual.


Also, be sure take a look at this helpful setup tutorial by WO2X:


Simplicity is beautiful.


73 and enjoy the freedom,



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