V8.5 offline

Op basis van onderstaand bericht zijn de CPS en firmware V8.5 offline gehaald.

Here is the “official” letter from Hytera for the completely insult-resistant users:

Dear Sir or Madam,
three weeks ago we sent you the DMR software release R8.5. We regret to inform you that this release contains errors and should not be used.
Tests have shown that the CPS of the R8.5 requires technical improvement.
The firmware and software previously installed on our ftp server has been deactivated and is not available for download. Furthermore, the CPS has also been deactivated in our partner network.
Please do not use the already distributed R8.5 version. In addition, the R8.5 package provided should not be further distributed.
The corrected and official release R8.5 is scheduled for next week. We will inform you with a following mailing where and when the version is available for download.
Best regards
Your Hytera team
Hytera Mobilfunk GmbH
Fritz-Hahne-Str. 7 | 31848 Bad Münder, Germany germany
T: +49 5042 998 0 | www.hytera-mobilfunk.com http://www.hytera-mobilfunk.com/

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